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Director of Residences / Chief of Staff Staffing 

The Director of Residences is responsible for the oversight of multiple properties. They control the budget and are in charge of major financial expenditures. The Director oversees estate managers at each residence to ensure the consistency of standards. They serve as the point of control, final decision maker, and are often the gatekeeper between the principals and their properties. 

Responsibilities for this position generally include: 

  • HR oversight and development of policies and procedures 
  • Financial control 
  • Capital expenditure management 
  • Property management, which may include oversight of residences, corporate offices, ranches, equestrian facilities, or actively-managed farmland
  • Negotiating contracts and vendor management
  • Liaises between the principals and their properties
  • Represents the principals when requested
  • Construction and project management

Qualifications for Director of Residences / Chief of Staff

  • College degree
  • Property Management certification 
  • Previous experience managing a luxury hotel or residence
  • Proven financial acumen
  • Past experience managing a variety of outside vendors such as contractors and interior designers 

At IDC we offer training and support for your Chief of Staff, Director of Residences, and existing staff on environmentally safe cleaning practices, preventative maintenance, and support regarding management of select tasks. Contact Peter O'Donovan to learn more about our concierge services...