On-Site Household Staff Assessments

Our professional on-site household staff assessments are important for managing a home or multiple residences. On-site staff assessments establish good operating parameters and reduce turnover rates, helping all employees feel more comfortable and improving productivity.

  • Development of onboarding procedures
  • Ongoing support for new and existing staff
  • Face-to-face proficiency screening of each current staff member
  • Development of expectations by ensuring legal, HR policies, and procedures are in place
  • Identifying problematic/underperforming staff 
  • Unannounced visits to seasonal residences reviewing performance and expectations
  • Teaching alternative cleaning practices, to include organic cleaning, dry cleaning, recording and tracking, inventorying, and supplies management
  • Implementation of customized staff scheduling, bridging client-specific needs with staff coverage 
  • Technology training, including apps for tracking, training, and clock in/out

With new employees, having the right onboarding policy in place can be crucial to resolving problems quickly and professionally.

An effective onboarding strategy can reduce privacy and legal risks by ensuring compliance and keep the household running smoothly so the client's life is not compromised.

At IDC, the goal of our on-site household staff assessments is to match each opportunity with the right skill-set for the most effective hire. Contact Peter O'Donovan to learn more about our concierge assessment and training services.