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Each IDC client blog is an original article designed to inform clients about complex issues and presents Peter O'Donovan's philosophy on the matter. It is meant to help readers understand staffing issues, resolve home or estate management problems, and make informed decisions about existing staff as well as onboarding for future needs. Peter O'Donovan is a consummate professional and a perfectionist when it comes to working with high net worth individuals and families. Once you read his articles, you will see how he has raised the bar for providing personalized recruiting, training, and placement services. With over two decades of hands-on experience, Peter's long tenure of working with prominent familiers has bolstered his distinct talents for placing vetted and exceptionally qualified domestic staff. In addition, IDC offers stellar options for supporting your administrative, legal, and travel needs.

Peter is dedicated to staying on the leading edge of technology and providing you with access to his global domestic placement network. Bookmark this webpage and visit us often to learn more about Peter's personal philosophies and how International Domestic Consulting can deliver individualized support to identify the very best candidates for taking care of your home or estate based on your specific requirements and lifestyle. 

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