Licensed Full-Service Domestic Staffing Agency

Personal / Administrative Assistant Satffing

A Personal Administrative Assistant can provide a broad range of help in a busy home office (or corporate setting) by supporting a family in their personal affairs. This role is an all-encompassing position. It is typically performed by someone who can handle personal and confidential requests, draft correspondences, schedule appointments, arrange travel and prepare itineraries, purchase household supplies and gifts, track seasonal gifts and gifting, liaise with other staff, and run errands.

Multi Tasking Skill Sets

IDC Personal Assistants must be highly organized, tech-savvy, adaptable, detail-oriented, discreet, and have high emotional intelligence. Administrative Assistants that we place must be multi-taskers with excellent office skills. 

At IDC, we have a large database of personal assistants standing ready to make your life less stressful. Contact Peter O'Donovan to learn more about our concierge services...