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International Domestic Consulting, founded by Peter O’Donovan, is headquartered in Florida with satellite offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas. IDC is also affiliated with London’s premier placement agency, providing domestic staff for dignitaries and royalty in Europe and the Middle East.


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IDC can present highly skilled candidates to meet clients’ needs for staff in all positions including nannies, housekeepers, butlers, chefs, house managers, laundresses, and personal or executive assistants, covering all aspects of liaison between the home and family office. We mentor and on-board employees and serve as a remote Human Resources Department and the go-to for staff retention and troubleshooting for our busy clients. Additionally, we can offer expert support when moving into a new property or management of a vacation home.

We also offer senior care plans, providing and monitoring the care that seniors need to remain in their own homes as they age. For this service, we utilize our resources and affiliation with our Age- Management practice under the expert care of Florida Physician, Dr. Earl Eye. 

International Domestic Consulting can solve all your staffing needs, domestically or internationally.


About Peter


IDC Founder and CEO Peter O’Donovan has been featured in such publications as Oprah’s O Magazine, Travel and Leisure, and The Boston Globe and has received many national accolades. A native of Ireland, Peter founded International Domestic Consulting because he felt that his life experience working in some of the finest residences in Palm Beach, his work with celebrity chefs, and his entrepreneurial spirit give him an edge over the competition when it comes to knowing the essential qualities required in any domestic or family office staff.

Early on in his career, Peter worked on N. Lakeway, Palm Beach for one of the founding families on the Island, who split their time between Palm Beach, New York City, and Long Island. He was also employed for many years by a very prominent couple with three luxury residences: in N. County, and two in Massachusetts, including their large Cape Cod estate. Peter has continued to maintain his extensive networks in Palm Beach and S. Florida. He possesses a keen instinct for the intricacies and requirements of domestic service has recently established staff training programs, raising the standards of excellence for Palm Beach residents.


We are here to listen to you. Feel free to reach out to the team at International Domestic Consulting to fulfill all your staffing needs.