IDC Atlanta

International Domestic Consulting and its affiliates are now supporting domestic staff placements and onboarding out of IDC’s Brookhaven office for high net worth individuals and families living in surrounding Atlanta communities.


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About IDC Atlanta

After launching IDC, Peter O’Donovan noticed the lack of support for both clients and candidates residing in the Palm Beach area. His immediate task was to create a local training program for housekeepers. Shortly after the housekeeper training platform was launched, he opened the IDC's Nanny Agency, a Dallas-based placement service with nanny training and mentoring support. With these early success stories, IDC quickly developed a reputation as a highly trusted provider of domestic skills designed to protect the client’s most precious assets. 

No matter the staff position, the team at International Domestic Consulting will be actively involved in screening, interviewing, assessing, and monitoring every placement. We present candidates who are well qualified to support the needs of the property, and if needed, the family office. By serving as the go-to person, senior clients who choose to age in place can use IDC Atlanta to take the hassle out of retirement. Our direct affiliation with private concierge medical practices of Dr. Earl Eye in Florida and Georgia allows us to support senior care plans, provide nutrition guidance, assist with meal planning, and manage any specified dietary requirements.

Peter O’Donovan’s International Profile

Peter O’Donovan, CEO of International Domestic Consulting, has a thorough understanding of the social culture and expectations of Atlanta families residing in the city, spending time on the farm, or relaxing at the lake house. At IDC Atlanta, we offer a full menu of carte blanche services that include placing and training housekeepers, nannies, butlers, chefs, house managers and chauffeurs. For clients who travel as well as those enjoying their senior years aging in place, Peter covers all aspects of support for the primary residence and other family properties. We also offer an array of business services for an in-residence office.

Peter will assess and define specific estate positions and source highly-organized Executive Assistants and Chief of Staff candidates. This includes persons who are experienced and capable of managing national and international family matters. Moreover, we handle those blurry lines between caring for a family's office responsibilities and fulfilling the household's domestic support requirements. The staff at IDC Atlanta will also manage all of your needs for assessment and training for your existing staff. Peter worked as a Domestic, earned his entrepreneurial stripes, and always presents as a true professional.

Accolades for Managing Luxury Properties

Peter has been featured in O Magazine, Travel+Leisure, and Gourmet. He received national accolades for his decades of hands-on international estate experiences. Moreover, Peter’s skills have been commissioned worldwide to manage luxury properties; cater to dignitaries, royals, and celebrities; organize fundraising and political events; as well as work alongside celebrity chefs and world class event providers. Over the past 30 years, Peter often put his versatility to task by expanding his services. In addition to managing the requirements for onboarding multiple staffs, IDC Atlanta can manage the opening and closing of your seasonal properties, 

At International Domestic Consulting, we assess, mentor, and on-board employees nationally and internationally. We also can serve as the remote human resource component for evaluating, training, and retaining staff for the most nomadic clients. International Domestic Consulting in London supports our global placements for domestic staff for a wide range of tasks. We are directly linked with London's premier agency and Frances, our London affiliate, has over 35 years of experience placing staff in the homes of nobility throughout Europe and Middle Eastern Palaces. To learn more, contact Peter O’Donovan and let IDC solve your staffing needs locally and in other parts of the world.


IDC Atlanta is current in today’s ever-changing domestic market in onboarding staff for high-net worth families in the greater Atlanta area.