Hiring the Best Nanny for a High Net Worth Family

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June 22, 2021


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For high net worth families, hiring the right nanny can make a huge difference in how smoothly and efficiently a household functions when children are present. Although nannies are well paid, the job also requires a higher level of dedication and commitment to the family as well as a willingness to make personal sacrifices at times for the nanny's charge. In fact, some families consider their nanny to be a partner in parenting who is equally invested in each child’s growth and development. The family may prefer a “live in” childcare specialist who stays and travels with the nanny family, whereas a “live out” nanny has a separate residence when not on duty. Sharing a nanny is a relatively new concept and doesn’t work for every family. Nonetheless, with the rising concern of sending children to daycare, a nanny share can be a viable alternative for celebrity or HNW families who live close to each other and do not require fulltime caregivers.

Specialized VIP Nanny Services

Working as a nanny with a high profile family requires special skills to deal with the ever-changing dynamics of the family as well as other members of the household team and key service providers. Moreover, a nanny must have complete respect for a family’s privacy regarding all matters. Simply stated, a nanny should never talk about their job, not even with other members of the household staff. Listed below are optional skill sets for VIP nannies:

  • Doula – An experienced professional who provides non-medical services, such as emotional support to the mother before and during the postpartum period. Where a nanny is normally hired after the postpartum phase is over to provide ongoing childcare, a doula cares for both the newborn and parent.
  • Baby Nanny – As a care specialist, a maternity nanny must have the appropriate training and experience to care for newborns and infants. A baby nanny is normally responsible for everything related to the baby’s needs, including packing for trips, managing the baby’s schedule, managing the inventory of baby items and meal preparation for the infant.
  • Night Nanny – This is an overnight nanny who is skilled in newborn, infant, toddler, and childhood care. A night nanny is usually not a “live in” caregiver but does have the experience to help family members avoid sleep deprivation whenever the charge requires overnight attention.
  • Nanny House Manager – A nanny housekeeper generally performs the same child care duties as other types of nannies but is contracted to provide additional services as well. Nanny house managers usually perform their extra duties while the children are in school or during regular periods of quiet time.
  • Governess – A governess is a specialty nanny with childcare experience whose job includes early childhood education, private tutoring, or special needs education. A governess should have an education degree with the appropriate certifications. High net worth families that travel with school-age children often prefer a governess nanny for convenience.
  • Nanny Share – For high-income families that do not require a full-time nanny, there are benefits to this relatively new model of providing childcare services. The right situation and the right nanny can ensure your child receives personal attention while learning to interact with others. Nanny sharing offers the most convenience for families who live close by.
  • Au PairAu pair agreements are often part of an exchange where the family provides room and board as well as a weekly stipend, or salary, for childcare and light household duties. Au pairs for most HNW families are continuing their education while engaging in a unique intercultural opportunity. IDC can assist with au pair placements in countries with rich cultural experiences.

Choosing to become a nanny for a high net worth or high profile family requires a special person with a well-rounded education and a love for interacting with the charge. A nanny’s adult interactions can be limited, as a VIP nanny becomes the primary care giver for the charge as well as the adult the children confide in every day. A VIP or traveling nanny can be a high paying position; but like most jobs, the higher the salary, the higher the expectations, and the higher the demands.

Scope of Responsibilities & Expectations

The level of gratification that a nanny gets out their job will depend upon their attitude about their job and the high net worth family they work for. Families that can afford it generally take a nanny with them wherever they go, so it should never be a surprise when family plans change at a moment’s notice. Even though a VIP nanny can receive a good paycheck, it is crucial they possess the behaviors that allow them to comfortably handle their scope of responsibilities as well as manage the family’s expectations. Unlike a sitter, a nanny is on duty the whole time they are with the charge and fully responsible for the charge's well-being. It takes a special love of children and a sincere interest in caring for them to become a nanny for a high net worth, high profile, or celebrity family. As part of IDC nanny staffing services, we empower every placement to take full responsibility for their health in terms of their actions on the job, in their own home, and throughout their environment. This not only protects the nanny but implements proactive steps to reduce absenteeism and ensures the family is never an unexpected victim of an employee’s poor hygiene.

At IDC, we understand that your children will develop a strong bond with their nanny and always listen carefully when the family explains their specific needs. Whether the successful candidate must be fluent in multiple languages, hold a degree in childhood development, is an accomplished snow skier, or well trained in self defense, Peter O’Donovan can provide a thorough skills assessment to assist with onboarding of the best nanny for your family. The right placement will have a love of children and a clear understanding of what working for the family entails, including the need for impeccable discretion and privacy.