Private Chef

Private Chef Staffing

Private chefs range in abilities from experienced cooks to Michelin Star chefs. Many have formal hospitality and food training, a background in nutrition, and a college degree in the culinary arts.  

Experienced chefs can develop menus and implement and execute large social functions or private dinner parties. They can adhere to your specific dietary requirements (including medical restrictions), cultural or religious preferences, and can have the ability to support as a home assistant/manager. 

Private chef staffing can include personnel for all kitchen services, such as:

  • Stocking pantries
  • Food shopping and preparation
  • Daily and special events menus
  • Kitchen staff management
  • Maintaining kitchen supplies
  • Kitchen, food, and safety hygiene

Michelin Star Chefs / Experienced Cooks

Private Chefs, cooks, and experienced kitchen staff can be hired to support seasonally, full-time, or as needed. If your needs are simple, we have home cooks who can prepare and serve tasty daily or weekly meals.

In addition to private chef staffing, we offer professional training and support for your existing kitchen staff on environmentally safe cleaning practices, preventative maintenance, and support regarding management of select tasks. Call Peter O'Donovan today...