Flight Crew

Flight Crew Staffing

Flight crew members need to have both excellent service skills and a safety training background.  Crew members should have calming personality and the ability to greet guests, while also understanding body language and respecting the limited space on a private plane. It is highly desirable to have FAA-approved certification training, hospitality training, or have worked for a major commercial carrier.

A flight crews' duties are similar to those of a commercial flight attendant:

  • Check safety equipment functionality
  • Seating passengers and explaining safety protocol
  • Offering food and refreshments
  • Helping with luggage
  • Ensuring that client-specific food and beverage preferences are available and soft furnishings are stocked
  • Anticipating guest needs prior to the flight and during flight
  • Sourcing, preparing, planning, and serving meals and beverages
  • Updating and inventorying of the plane's soft goods
  • Ensure that the aircraft cabin is clean and sanitized
  • Excellent personal hygiene

If the plane is in a charter program, a steward must possess excellent communication skills, documentation of cabin maintenance, and guest preferences.

IDC can handle your flight crew staffing to ensure our placements match your specific requirements for in-flight and ground duties. Contact Peter O’Donovan for personalized assistance with your needs…