Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfection for Your Home

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March 9, 2021

Adopting strategies for the enhanced cleaning and disinfection of your home was thrust into the limelight after last year’s outbreak of coronavirus. The pandemic certainly highlighted the importance of the routine things that we do, or don’t do, and how household hygiene benefits the health and wellness of everyone living in your home. At International Domestic Consulting, we understand cleaning and disinfecting are important actions your household staff should provide as part of their daily tasks. Moreover, we believe in taking it a step farther. From maids to cooks to chauffeurs, each member of your household staff should practice the highest level of personal hygiene both on and off the job. This is where Peter O’Donovan’s 30 years of experience has given him the expertise to assess and train your existing staff as well as place vetted candidates who are exceptionally qualified for domestic support.

How to Clean and Disinfect

The need for a properly trained staff existed long before anyone had heard of coronavirus, but in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is something no one can afford to take for granted. If your house is not properly cleaned, there is a distinct possibility that the buildup might include harmful germs, and the people living in your home may get sick. Household staff members that IDC trains, or places, understand each room in your home has its own particular cleaning requirements and your home’s cleaning timetable must be followed for all indoor and outdoor areas. In addition, domestic staff members who are responsible for maintenance must complete regular inspections to identify plumbing problems, water leaks, issues with air handling, and proper ventilation. It is also important that your staff knows how to handle the increased demand placed on common facilities both inside and outside when the number of people in your home increases due to overnight guests or a well-attended dinner party.

Abating Sources of Harmful Microbes

Health agencies worldwide recognize the threats caused by emerging pathogens and novel viruses. In addition, antibiotic resistance has become a global priority for managing the spread of antibiotic resistant strains. That’s why our training programs focus on recognizing and abating the sources of harmful microbes that are not only hiding in areas of the home that appear dirty but on surfaces that are frequently touched and in the air that everyone breathes. The practice of targeted hygiene includes the enhanced cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces that are likely to contribute to the spread of an infection. While teaching techniques for enhanced hygiene, IDC’s instructors also address the prudent use products for cleaning and disinfecting your home. At times soap and water are equally as effective as using harsh detergents, but routine cleaning of surfaces frequently touched by multiple people, such as door handles, faucets, phones, keypads, railings, and light switches may require enhanced cleaning and disinfection often more than one time a day.

Proper Household & Personal Hygiene

At IDC, proper household and personal hygiene are practices that we teach and preach to protect you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, and your staff from contacting an infectious disease. We feel that it is essential for your domestic workforce to understand the frequency at which enhanced cleaning and disinfection of your home is needed. Although cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces in communal areas, restrooms, kitchens, and dining areas should be done daily, cleaning schedules should ultimately be based on occupancy and use conditions. During our staff training programs, we seek to empower individuals to take full responsibility for their health in terms of their actions at work, in their own home, and throughout their environment. This not only protects a staffer’s well-being but implements proactive steps that helps reduce absenteeism and ensures you and your family are not an unexpected victim of the unnecessary spread of a disease.

Peter O’Donovan trained in five-star boutique hotels in Europe and understands the level of detail needed to manage the activities in-home or traveling with high net-worth families. Without proper disinfection and cleaning procedures, your current household strategies may be causing more harm than good. To learn more about our Housekeeper / Houseman Certification training program, or our in-house training for existing staff, contact Peter to schedule a full assessment of your onboarding needs.