Domestic & Household Staffing

International Domestic Consulting is a collaboration of service excellence. Peter O'Donovan's distinctive art of service, business and entrepreneurial acumen, and unblemished record over the years as a domestic agency owner, luxury estate manager, consultant, and private chef, paired with our team's hands-on experience, generates a balance few can offer.

Director of Residences / Chief of Staff
Estate / House Manager
Domestic Couples
Executive Housekeeper
Private Chef
Concierge / Travel Assistant
Security / Bodyguard
Temporary / Seasonal Staff
Personal / Administrative Assistant
Executive Assistant
Companion / Caregiver
Flight Crew
Yacht Crew
"It’s all about placing the right person in the right opportunity." — Peter O'Donovan

Every aspect of luxury home management and domestic household staffing is handled with guaranteed precision — training, placement, policies, and procedures — ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Discreet staff placement and consulting
  • Service training for all service staff
  • In-home consultations and vendor negotiation training
  • Technology updates ensuring training stays in sync with smart home trends
  • Family office setup (payroll setup and execution)
  • Team-building exercises
  • Concierge/age-management medicine supporting a healthy lifestyle
  • Project and construction management