Estate / House Manager

The role of a house manager or estate manager is to keep things running smoothly in the principal's home or properties. They have extensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of managing a large home or estate. Many people in this role will have begun their career as a butler, valet, or chef, and have been promoted to this position.  

Responsibilities of a House Manager may include:

  • The sourcing and training of household staff
  • Grocery shopping, running errands, and gift buying on the employer’s behalf
  • Overseeing vendors and contractors
  • Project management
  • Storage management
  • Wardrobe management, laundry, and tracking of clothing
  • Development of house manuals and policies and procedures
  • Human resources responsibilities, tracking staff hours, and benefits
  • Coordinating household projects
  • Child supervision
  • Daily household organization
  • Cleaning
  • Assistance with social events

Extended Role of Estate Manager

An estate manager, on the other hand, will have had additional experience in managing personal possessions, and likely have had formal training with a college degree. They also may possess professional certification as an estate manager with extended responsibilities including:

  • Oversight of vehicle maintenance, which may include automobiles, planes and recreational craft
  • Warehouse management, project management, and storage management
  • Maintenance and care of household valuables, managing the household budget, and keeping track of personal inventory.
  • Managing a the principals' residence, yacht crew, and flight crews

At IDC we offer training and support for your estate manager, house manager, and existing staff on environmentally safe cleaning practices, preventative maintenance, and support regarding management of select tasks. Contact Peter O'Donovan to learn more about our concierge services...