Selecting a Private Chauffeur for Your Specific Needs

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April 9, 2021

Without doubt, selecting a private chauffeur with the right driving skills and security training for your transportation needs can have a huge impact in any emergency situation you might encounter once you leave home. Since a majority of attacks on high-visibility individuals occur during transit, it is essential that the driver of your vehicle has the instinctive, defensive, and evasive driving skills to successfully deal with life-threatening situations. In addition, a personal chauffeur must be mature and able to work long hours as well as demonstrate a high degree of responsibility and professionalism.  

Protect Yourself and High Value Cargo

IDC’s distinguished clientele come from different walks of life and have included VIPS, celebrities, C-suite executives, dignitaries, and numerous high-net worth families. Our highly trained chauffeurs and security bodyguards are equipped to handle critical situations and emergencies by following proven security techniques designed to swiftly escort any family member to safety. Whether you need a driver trained as an armed bodyguard or simply someone to escort high-value cargo, our chauffeurs can be certified in defensive and protective driving techniques, first aid and CPR, vehicle maintenance, threat assessment, accident avoidance, and evasive driving maneuvers.

Depending on your specific needs, we can identify and place carefully matched candidates as a private family chauffeur, family security driver, or armed personal driver based on human factors of performance. Moreover, our minimal standards include recruiting drivers with good interpersonal communication skills that can pass a background check with no criminal charges and has a spotless driving record. When it comes to placing executive protection agents, our candidates often have military, law enforcement, or other security training as well as certification of their driving skill sets. Although the world around you may not be as safe as it once was, IDC can provide peace of mind when you are outside the home.

Assessing Performance Standards

At International Domestic Consulting, we understand that not every driver has the same capacity for dealing with an unexpected situation, or for that matter, the same decision-making capabilities and reaction time. At any moment, it can be crucial that your chauffeur or security bodyguard possess the right skill set as well as demonstrate the ability to determine when, where, and how to apply skills effectively in managing potential threats, including:

  • Security Assessment
  • Travel Itinerary Risks
  • Vehicle Equipment Checks
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Ambush Avoidance
  • Transport Threat Detection
  • Braking & Skid Control
  • High-Speed Maneuvers
  • Emergency Reversing

Travel pattern analysis, surveillance detection, and situational awareness are essential to providing safe, predictable travel for you and your passengers. Peter O’Donovan can help with the onboarding of a chauffeur who has the instinctive, defensive, and evasive driving skills to handle your requirements for daily transportation or find security drivers who demonstrate a high level of certifiable driver training and experience when you are traveling at home or abroad. 

Defensive and Evasive Driving Courses

When confronted with a situation, a personal chauffeur has limited time and limited distance within which to assess the situation and take the appropriate course of action. Improvement in critical areas of human performance, such as decision making, have proven to be achievable through well designed and highly developed defensive and evasive driving courses. That said, any driver’s reaction time behind the wheel tends to go hand-in-hand with how quickly he or she makes decisions. So, driving schools that focus on improving and minimizing reaction times can increase a driver’s performance and their ability to determine which skill sets are needed for each real-world situation they encounter.

Obviously, not all vehicles are created equal, so it is important that your driver can safely demonstrate an ability to get optimal performance from your vehicle’s safety components, such as an anti-lock braking system or electronic traction control. Unfortunately, if the first time your driver is exposed to your vehicle’s systems limitations is during a real-world incident, their ability to effectively manage the risk would be greatly diminished. The time to sort things out and practice more effective techniques is during hands-on training. To get a better handle on behind-the-wheel emergencies and security related incidences, time should be spent in a training environment; ideally driving on a local skid-pad to learn the limits of each of the client's vehicles.

Executive Chauffeur & Protection Services 

Our executive chauffeur and professional protection services are designed to reduce your risks when you travel. Moving about outside your home creates the most vulnerable situations for you, your family, your cargo, and your passengers. During these exploitable times, a well-trained chauffeur can maximize security and minimize risk by recognizing potential threats and selecting the best travel options to avoid any potential attack. After all, most people today are already overwhelmed with taking care of everyday tasks and are probably not the best suited for managing the details for their own safety. Although high-net worth individuals often think being a victim of terrorism or a kidnapping to be their greatest threat, each year motor vehicle accidents are actually the number one killer of healthy Americans living at home or traveling overseas. Our executive chauffer and security driver placement services provide you with much more than a candidate that is skilled at high performance driving.

IDC’s discreet chauffeur, personal driver, and professional protection services are designed to serve C-executives, public figures, visiting dignitaries, celebrities, sports figures, and high-net worth families. Whether you are traveling locally, outside the contiguous United States (OCONUS) or overseas, Peter O’Donovan can provide a skills assessment for your existing driver or assist with onboarding of an executive chauffeur and professional protective services. In addition, we can arrange for your drivers to have access to ongoing oversight and training for the most current threat monitoring techniques to enhance their situational awareness, as well as driver-specific training for a newly purchased or existing vehicle.