Executive Housekeeper Staffing

Our Executive Housekeeper can oversee all of your housekeeping staff, enforce control standards, implement housekeeping policies, cleaning practices, and assign housekeeping schedules. They have specialized knowledge of cleaning and caring for fine furnishings and surfaces (antiques, silver, and artwork). All housekeepers and maids should possess an understanding of bacteria and viruses as well as know how to clean your home to surgical standards.

Responsibiities can include:

  • Inventorying linens and fabrics
  • Documentation and management of guest preferences
  • Ensuring the overall cleanliness and appearance of a residence
  • Care of general laundry and delicate fabrics
  • Steaming, pressing, and seamstress abilities
  • Wardrobe management
  • Tracking and recording of repairs to clothing and dry cleaning
  • Laundry management
  • Implementation and training of housekeepers
  • Inventory supply management
  • Seamstress abilities
  • Seasonal wardrobe management and tracking
  • Training and sourcing housekeepers
  • Basic vendor management
  • Light meal preparation

Housekeepers / Maids

Housekeepers and maids will possess many of the same skills as an Executive Housekeeper. They are responsible for cleaning the home on a daily basis. At times they can help with lite meal preparation, serving, running errands, driving, basic laundry, and steaming and pressing. They may also support childcare with limitations and senior care support with limitations. Most are relatively tech-savvy, and we can place multi-lingual housekeepers or maids as needed.

At IDC we offer training and support for your existing housekeeping staff on environmentally safe cleaning practices, preventative maintenance, and support regarding wardrobe and laundry management. Contact Peter O'Donovan to learn more about our concierge services...